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Medical Billing Outsourcing Support by HEED365 SYSTEMS

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United States healthcare insurances are private and per current law or order do not allow any individual without having a healthcare insurance, it's a mandate now. Healthcare insurance is a billion dollars industry and federal government policies always makes surrounding the healthcare insurance and its claim. Hospitals, Primary Care, Urgent Care, Physical Therapy, Chiropractor or any healthcare service provided accept healthcare plan, have a copy of health card, provide service and file their claim at the end of the day or right away. Medical professionals are highly qualified and they are overwhelmed with workload and first priority is to provide quality quality healthcare services. They required assistance to file all healthcare care claim from the private companies. Medical coding is not only complex but tedious too. Hiring medical billing coder and medical billing claim clerk necessary but expensive. Since medical billing crew has no client facetime and it can be outsourced and save huge working capital that has been spending on regular payroll.
HEED365 committed to serving state of the art medical billing and coding services. We hire BS Medical graduate resources, provide professional training get them certified with United State Based Medical Billing & Coding national certification, HIPAA Compliance, trained them especially on a variety of medical billing & coding, claim clearance gateway softwares available in USA. We have expert medical billing expert fill HCFA, Insurance claim, submit electronically, follow up with insurance companies and increase your ROI. Resources you are going to hire will be dedicated to your project only and work according to your schedule. You can walk them through your business model and internal training etc so they can perform 100% according to your work culture, increase your productivity as well as ROI.

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Benefits with us:

  • SAVE upto 75% on monthly payroll working capital
  • No payroll cost, accounting and tax complications
  • No Healthcare Insurance, No worries on Worker Comp
  • No office supplies, logistics and infrastructure required
  • No Hardware/ Software or IT Support expenses
  • No Legal Obligation e.g. No Hiring, No Firing, No Sue
  • No Contract, Pay as you go, Hire Team as a Service
  • Your schedule, Your Training, Your Business Model
  • Better monitoring, business automation
  • Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly reporting

To provide state of the art services, account manager visit your office to discuss your business requirements, workload and set targets so Heed365 Systems can provide you the best resources to meet your business goals.